5 Summer Road Trips

The Best 5 Summer Road Trips You Must Take Before You Die

Summer offers us the perfect time to hit the open road and get lost in the openness. Whether you’re traveling alone or spending quality time with your kith and kin, you’re weaving lifelong memories that you will keep cherishing. And, gentler weather, lengthy daylight hours, and vibrant landscapes; you just can’t escape summer!

There’s nothing more familiar American scene than hitting the open scene with the windows rolled down, blasting music and a number of raucous kith and kin in the backseat. However, this sort of experience can only be relished in on a road that can offer adventure, zeal, and thrill. So, what are those roads? Below is a list of top 5 adventure-packed routes. Let’s find out about them:

Pacific Northwest to Montana

The loop is big and features national parks, national forests and some of the most unique, adventure- and wildlife-packed terrain. The Pacific Northwest is a popular destination for its open spaces. And, you can explore its immense beauty by car. From sea to mountainous scenery and to even desert — the route is pretty diverse to host your road trip this summer.

The Route at a Glance

  • Tour Starting Point: Seattle or Portland
  • Special Stops: La Push, Hoh Rainforest


Eureka, California to Coos Bay, Oregon

The road trip covers 250 miles from Eureka to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. What is so appealing about this route is that it is less crowded. Start trekking along Gold Bluffs Beach and reach Fern Canyon, where part of Jurassic Part 2: The Lost World was shot. It should be a 6.5-mile round-trip hike. Drive North to Floras Lake, where an awesome pine-laden body of water awaits you with some of truly amazing kiteboarding and windsurfing spots in the state.

The Route at a Glance

  • Tour Starting Point: Eureka, California
  • Special Stops: Harris Beach State Park, Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge

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Southern Colorado Loop

Make no stops until you reach Alamosa. Alamosa is an exceptional southwestern wetland that offers unique spots for observing the wildlife. So, make sure you have observation gear like binoculars. When you reach the feet of the San Juans, take a walk along Pagosa. Pagosa features a unique place for hiking in the woods. The Turkey Springs area offers a network of trails for biking. The shorter loops can range from 3.5 to 5 miles. The longer loops can stretch to 15 miles.

The Route at a Glance

  • Special Stops – Durango Mountain Resort, Mesa Verde, Canyon of the Ancients


Utah to Arizona

Start your trip in the Grand Canyon and reach up to Moab, Utah. The best advantage of waging this road trip is that you get to visit 10 national parks in not more than ten days. Once you reach to Utah, look for the Thunder Mountain Trail that offers a 15-mile technical singletrack route and a 1,200-foot climb.

The Route at a Glance

  • Tour Starting Point – the Grand Canyon
  • Special Stops: Bryce Canyon National Park, Moab Under Canvas, Arches National Park


Wyoming to Montana

If you haven’t taken this route, then you haven’t seen the country’s most iconic and attractive wildlife and mountains. Five impressive national parks host the iconic wildlife sanctuary; that stretches up to 600 miles. Once you reached Yellowstone National Park, drive north passing Yellowstone Lake and wander into Hayden Valley.

The Route at a Glance

  • Tour Starting Point: Jackson, Wyoming
  • Special Stops: Montgomery Distillery, Biga Pizza, Yellowstone National Park

Bottom Line

With a multitude of routes covering the most appealing scenes of the United States, it can be nearly difficult to choose the best route to wage your summer trip. But, in the end, all you need is a getaway to escape traffic and heat and the 5 routes listed above can deliver a stress-free getaway experience. Here are the backpacking tips that should check out before going for a travel.

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