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How to Pack Smart and Travel Light – 7 Useful Packing Tips

Have you heard of the National Geographic Travel author Rolf Potts who traveled around the world in six weeks with no luggage?

Everyone wants to go light when traveling. But, most of us may not be as daring as Rolf. We at least need one bag when traveling. But, what if the only bag you are carrying weighs you down and becomes such a burden that you’d be relieved if you could just throw it away?

Believe me, some of us may have such bad traveling experience. Imagine dragging your bag across cobblestone streets, pulling it up steep stairs — if you were just able to get rid of the bag.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Packing is important. And, it depends on a person’s personal decisions, own ideas of style and comfort. Below is a list of effective tips designed to suit everyone’s style and introduce comfort and ease in packing.

1. Ditch This, That and That One Too

The unfamiliarity of traveling makes us want to pack every familiar item, but the “what if” paradigm will only bring trouble. It is never okay nor clever to pack for every potential situation. If you forget an item, don’t feel bad. You’ll find something comparable on the way to your destination. Pack the fewest number of things you’ll need to enjoy your trip.

2. Rolling your Clothes? Bad Idea!

Many travel writers recommend rolling your clothes. Yes, it helps you stuff more things in and is superior to folding. Actually, more stuff leads to more weight. Just because rolled clothes save you more space, doesn’t mean you should pack more things. So, pack things loosely.

3. The Rule of Three

Who doesn’t love a trilogy? Follow the rule of three when selecting shirts, socks, and underwear. Just pack three pairs of each item. For example: if you are wearing one shirt, wash one while drying another. Two pairs of pants will suffice. Remember fewer pieces of clothing don’t make you less fashionable. It just takes a little planning and intuition.

4. Multi-Functionality Rules

Well, what else can you accomplish with a selfie stick other than taking selfies? Not anything else? Then, ditch the selfie stick. Prioritize items that serve multiple purposes. You’re going on a trip. So, pack sandals that can be worn as walking shoes. You may use a Turkish towel as a blanket, a privacy wall, a sarong or a sunshade. So, look for this sort of items that can be used for more than one purpose.

5. Pack your Personal Items Wisely

Toiletries and bathroom tend to consume a lot of space. Airline policy will also hassle you if they are overpacked in your carry-on. The products for our face, hair, and nails also give us a headache. Truncate your overall beauty products and just pack the basics. Travel-friendly two-in-one shampoos and conditioners. Also, do not bring more than three skin care items. You may only pack cleanser, solution for acne and moisturizer.

6. Put on a Little Weight

Don’t be surprised. I’m not crazy. Some things deserve to be packed. Your smartphone is one of them. Your smartphone can replace the camera, travel guide books, etc. Locating things, reading maps, or guidebooks — there’s currently no alternative to this useful device. Also, there are certain smartphone apps that you can download for purchasing clothes or essentials.

7. Take Less

Utilize thinner fabrics, summer-weight clothes, lightweight jersey knits; they are all effective for packing down extremely light. If you’re looking for warmth, then layer up with these lightweight pieces together. They just offer super flexibility.

Dave Dean of Too Many Adapters suggests that “Clothing made from merino wool is super lightweight, keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather and you can wear it for days on end and it still won’t smell!”

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Bottom Line

Everyone wants to go lighter when traveling. Some are successful and some just bring everything and experience a botched trip. So, if you don’t want to be one of them, go through the 7 effective tips listed above.

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