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Top 5 huge camping tents in 2017

Are you planning an outing with your kith and kin this summer?

Are you looking for the perfect tent to accommodate a group of people?

Summer is approaching. For many of us, summer is an opportunity to enjoy quality time with our family members. And, the opportunity is realized through going on a car camping. Why? Car camping offers a great opportunity for you to bond with your family members while enjoying the great outdoors.

Growing up in mesmerizing Tennessee, I went on camping trips with my friends and family from time to time. Nature really poured out its beauty on Tennessee. We camped along mountains, rivers, and all those impressive Tennessee natural wonders. The older I got, camping helped me value my life and the people around me more.

However, going on a camping trip is no picnic. You need to store essentials, consider weather and other adversaries. Especially when you’re camping with your kids, you need to pack more necessary things.

And, the most integral piece of equipment you’ll pack is the camping tent. Ordinary tents won’t cut it. You need a tent that is roomy enough, strong enough and reliable enough. And, the type of tents that will fulfill all your requirements is a cabin-style tent!

In this article, I mentioned everything you need to know about a cabin-style tent. I included the factors you need to consider when purchasing a cabin-style tent. And, I also narrowed down the list of most popular cabin-style tents and picked out the 4 top-notch cabin-style tents. So, let’s explore:

After finishing reading the article, you will learn about:

  • What a Cabin Tent is.
  • Why you will a cabin tent.
  • How you can choose the perfect tent.
  • Top 4 best cabin tents.
  • Short reviews of the 5 cabin tents.

What’s a Cabin Tent?

  • Cabin-style tents are designed for families or individuals traveling in groups. If you frequently camp with your kith and kin, then you will need a cabin-style tent. This type of tents is called “cabins” due to their structure and shapes. Cabin tents are much different from dome tents.

Why Would You Need a Cabin Tent?

  • Cabin tents are much stronger than most tents. If you are planning a family trip, then you’ll need a tent that is durable enough. Just like other types of tents, cabin tents are sold in different sizes. Family cabin tents are usually larger and roomier. A cabin tent is extremely versatile that you can use them in different locations.

Contingent on their designs, cabin tents offers adequate protection from wind, rain, dirt and of course the Sun. Cabin tents are ideal for families who want to camp overnight or for several days on the same location. Cabin tents are usually stable enough to get you through a couple of days.

If you are camping with plenty of gear, then you may also need a cabin tent. Since a cabin tent has ample space to help you stow your gear. The standard dome-type tent is too small to accommodate a family. Or, if your family members feel too crammed in the current, then it is time to switch a cabin tent!

How to Choose the Best Cabin Tent for You?

Cabin tents usually come with vertical walls. They feature more livable space than the standard dome-type tents do. Some even offer room dividers. However, there are important factors that you must consider before purchasing a cabin tent. And, they are:

  • Sleep Capacity – one of the first things you need to consider when buying a cabin tent is the size of the tent. The size of your tent can make or break camping tent, especially when you’re camping with your family. You would want your cabin tent to feature ample space to relax in.

Also, you and your family members should be able to keep valuables in. You need to consider if you want just one larger tent or a smaller one. The smaller ones are easy to carry. But, don’t pack a larger one, unless you’re camping with a group of people.

#Pro Tip: just because a cabin tent is advertised as having the capacity of up to 8 people, doesn’t mean they will sleep, 8 people. People come in different sizes and shapes. So, if you’re 8 people altogether camping, then opt for a cabin tent that could sleep up to 10 people.

  • Weather Resistance – what kind of weather do you choose to camp in? Tents are marketed in different types of weather resistance. Most cabin tents are advertised as either 3-season or 4-season. 3-Season Tents- a 3-season tent usually is designed with more mesh to improve ventilation. If you like camping in spring, summer, and fall, then a 3-season tent should an appropriate choice for you. They are built to shelter you from rain and light snow. 4-Season Tents – a 4-season is usually designed with a solid fabric. As a result, you can camp during the winter. They can withstand stronger windstorm and snow loads. Since they are built for winter, they are not suitable for the mild weather.
  • Peak Height – your family should be able to stand up and roam the tent without feeling cramped. That’s why peak height is important. If you are to spend lots of time inside the tent, then choose a tent with a peak height that will easily fit in the tallest person camping. After all, who likes stopping when carrying things?

#Pro Tip – when buying a cabin tent with a longer peak height, make sure you do not buy the one that slopes or slants much. If it does, it will reduce the usable space.

My Pick for Best Cabin Tents

Shopping for the best cabin tent can be a daunting task as you will encounter a plethora of cabin tents on the market. To help you narrow down your list, below is a list of top 4 cabin tents:

1. Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent


huge camping tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn is considered the best family tent. I too couldn’t leave the #1 spot for any other tent. If space, protection, and reliability are what you seek for a family tent, then the Browning Camping Big Horn offers everything. It is a huge camping tent.

It is the #1 family tent you should pack because it uniquely combines ease of setting up with many safety and convenient features you may usually look for in a family tent. The family tent can be used for different weather conditions. The Browning Camping Big Horn is effective as an all-season tent. The tent is suitable for families looking to camp for extended periods.


Materials: Polyester

Color: Black/Orange

Dimensions: 87 x 180 x 87 inches

Capacity: 8-10 persons

Center Height: 7’3

Setting Up Time: 10~15 minutes

Total Weight: 30.75 lbs

Warranty: lifetime warranty

What I like about it

  • Can fit in 3 cots
  • Excellent polyester construction
  • Pretty straightforward assembly
  • Comes with all the tools required to set it up
  • The tent windows offer excellent ventilation

What I dislike about it

  • Thin floor
  • Very few storage pockets

2. Tahoe Gear Gateway 12-Person Deluxe Family Tent

huge camping tent

This is definitely one of the best 6-8 people camping tents. The tent is roomy enough to sleep 10-12 people easily. Thanks to its adequate dimensions. You can easily fit in 3 or 4 queen size mattresses.

When I was camping at Abrams Creek, Maryville, I packed this tent. We were 9 people camping. And, besides sleeping all of us easily, it had plenty of room to stow our gear in! The tent comes with a room divider that you can use to split the tent into 2 rooms. We never had issues with ventilation, as it has 2 doors and large windows.



Materials: Polyester

Center Height: 7′

Capacity: 10-12 persons

Room: 2

Weight: 39.5 lbs

What I like about it

  • Excellent ventilation system
  • 2 doors and large windows
  • holds 3 or 4 queen size mattresses
  • tent fly has a solar shield that reflects heat and keeps the tent cool in hot weather.

What I dislike about it

  • I don’t really dislike anything about it


3. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent

huge camping tent

Ozark has built a reputation for manufacturing attractive, roomy and lightweight tents. And, this one is no different. This is a 14′ x 12′ cabin tent. Its roomy interior is complemented by 90″ cathedral ceiling and straight wall design. It ceiling height reaches to 86″.

The tent offers plenty of space for 10-12 people to easily fit in! The Ozark is adequate for fitting up to 4 queen size air mattresses. You can easily create separate living and sleeping spaces with this tent. The tent offers several pockets to stow your devices, flashlight in. The screen porch the tent comes with is great, but it doesn’t have a floor.


Materials: Polyester

Center Height: 86″

Floor Size: 14′ x 12′

Capacity: 10-12 persons

What I like about it

  • Nice size
  • Features ample space
  • Sets up pretty easily

What I dislike about it

  • Flimsy poles
  • Roof Canopy opens up when the wind blows


4. Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

huge camping tent

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent – the largest cabin tent in my list. And, it is manufactured by a brand that specializes in affordable tents; Ozark! Thanks to its huge dimensions, this cabin tent can sleep up to 12-14 people! Once erected, the base camp takes the shape of a large cross. Its large space can be divided into 4 spaces.

Its 3-sewn in dividers with tie backs will help you split the tent easily. I have no complaint with the tent’s visibility and ventilation. My family and I were camping in Bandy Creek, Oneida, we didn’t know there would be hordes of mosquitoes. But, thanks to the tent’s  mesh roof. It repelled mosquitoes and other insects.


Materials: Polyester

Center Height: 78″

Capacity: 12-14 persons

Room: Up to 4 rooms

What I like about it

  • Super spacious tent, accommodating up to 14 people
  • Resists water, has no leaks
  • Lengthy center height
  • Plenty of storage space

What I dislike about it

  • Bulky
  • Difficult to pack


Everyone just keeps suggesting lightweight tents. Don’t you get tired of it? What if you purchase something bulky, big and boxy. The extra space can be explored by every family member camping, or utilized to stow your gear.

Sound good? Want to get introduced to such big tent? Yes, the tent I’m talking about is 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent manufactured by Standing Room. The tent proved to be an ideal shelter for a person camping in large groups. The tent is extremely popular due to its cabin-like space. Apart from its ample, the tent is highly functional that it must be taken into consideration for buying a family tent. Let’s find out more about it:

Who is the Standing Room 100 for?

  • The Standing Room 100 is designed for all the individuals wanting to spend time outdoors with their family.
  • How tall are you? 6″, 7″, 8″? The camping tent comes with a peak height of 8.5 feet, therefore it is among the roomiest of the tents.

Design & Construction

The Standing Room 100 is made of such materials that offer durability and strength. The tent is an excellent shelter with 8.5 feet of clearance at the center. If you’re a tall person, then this tent offers ample space for you to roam without feeling stuffed. The tent comes with multiple windows and doors, so you won’t have to worry about ventilation. Furthermore, its large doors allow an easy entry and exit. You have people going in and out of the tent all the time, in this case, with the large doors, you won’t bump into each other.

Ease of Setup

Since the camping tent is designed with the simplest structure. You won’t face any problem pitching it. Virtually anyone, including young children, can set up this tent. Many customers noted that it takes less than 8 minutes to be set up. Yes, about the canopy frame. The tent doesn’t come with the canopy frame. However, when you buy the frame, the tent will look homier than it did before.


The tent features four separate doors. If you like to star gaze at night, the tent features two zippers skylights. Family camping brings out multiple personal items on the tour. But, the tent has four storage pouches for stowing useful, personal items; such as cell phones, toiletries, batteries, flashlights and many more essentials.


  • Easy to set up
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • 8.5″ center height
  • Enough doors and windows for proper ventilation


  • Canopy frame is not included


Q: How many queen-sized air mattresses can it fit?

A: The Standing Room 100 can fit two queen sized air mattresses.

Q: How long does it take to have it set up?

A: It takes less than 10 minutes to set up this tent.

Q: What are the product dimensions?

A: Product Dimensions: 26 inches x 9 inches x 9 inches.

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Final Verdict

Bottom Line – If you’re someone looking forward to going on a camping trip, and in need of a cabin tent, then this article is your one-stop solution for a cabin-style tent. Camping offers a great opportunity to maximize your potential for adventure. And, camping is best enjoyed with family members and friends. Having the right cabin tent will increase the fun element. And, this article compiled the best 4 cabin tents on the market. Make sure yours is one of them.

If you want to learn more about the Standing Room 100, visit Amazon for more reviews!

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