Coleman Tent Kit

Coleman Tent Kit with Flat Striking Head to Secure Your Tent

Honestly, camping requires a concerted effort for everything from pitching to dismantling. Although tents we select for camping are lighter and stronger and easy-to-pitch, still you could encounter plenty of situations where you’d need essential accessories.

Take me for example; last summer when my family and I were camping at Lake George, New York, suddenly the weather became windy and overcast in the night. We couldn’t hold our tent down on the windy condition. So, we had to retreat and take shelter in the nearby motel. But, the families that were traveling with us managed to stay put. Later we discovered it is because of unpreparedness and a lack of quality tent accessories that we were unable to withstand the windstorm.

So, we decided to give the Coleman Tent Kit a go. It is advertised that the kit offers everything you need to pitch and dismantle your tent. Once I purchased the kit, I felt confident to go camping again. I took it to my camping at Acadia National Park, Maine. And, each and every item of the kit proved much essential for me. Let’s explore what makes the kit a must-have:

What Does the Tent Kit Include?

The Coleman Tent Kit includes:

  • 10-inch steel tent pegs (4); pegs have flat striking heads
  • Steel rod stake puller for removing tent stakes from the ground
  • Nesting hand broom and dustpan
  • Rubber mallet for securing stakes in the ground
  • Mesh, breathable carry bag to store all the essentials



There aren’t stakes out there as durable as these. The struggle I had with setting up a tent in a windy situation is completely removed by these 10-inch steel tent pegs. Many metal stakes that come with your tents aren’t really compatible with the hard surface. So, if you are to campaign on the hard ground, these steel pegs will fixate your tent to the hard ground. These stakes can easily beat other metal or plastic pegs. I have been using for a couple of years, yet they never bent. So, I’m quite satisfied with the durability of these pegs.


The mallet can come handy for securing stakes in the ground. Not only did it prove effective for me, but it also earned me appreciation. Where I was camping, everyone around me needed a mallet as well, they thanked me for having such effective tool.

Stake Puller

The stake puller is nice to have. But, they don’t come handy pulling the stakes from the hard ground. The stake puller is flimsy. It bent the first time I tried pulling stakes from a hard surface. Therefore, the stake puller will be a great help only if the stakes are substandard and cheap.

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Final Verdict

The Coleman Tent Kit is a must-have kit if you’re heading for a campground. After a series of botched up camping trips without proper tools, I now understand the benefits of having such kit. The stakes are top-notch and great accessories to have. They will offer sturdy protection from a windstorm.

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