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Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent – Versatile and High-Quality Tent

Planning your next family camping?

Camping is truly a fun outdoor activity that can hardly be enjoyed without friends or family. So, if you’re someone looking to go out camping this summer with your kith and kin, then I’ve got good news for you.

Today I’m going to introduce you to one such that’s a popular choice among car campers and outdoor loving people. And, it is the Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent. The tent is designed to fit up to seven people. And, its versatility, durability, and usability constantly mesmerize me every time I go camping.

When going camping with your kith and kin is your habit, then you must invest in a quality tent. You’re packing the shelter for a number of people. So, it is best to be prepared with the best. And, I’m quite pleased with Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent. I think this is the best camping tent specially for a big family of 6-7 persons. Let’s find out more about it:

Who is Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent for?

  • Do you usually camp in large groups? Then, you won’t regret buying this 7-person tent. It is highly functional and durable.
  • Are you planning to be away for 5+ days, then it is imperative you take a larger tent. And, this tent by Wenzel offers more than you’ll bargain for!


Ease of Set-Up

The setting up of this tent is fairly simple. Even a newbie won’t setting up instructions of this difficult. Many people assume a family tent is much harder to set up. But, this tent will challenge the notion. This tent is extremely easy to pitch. The poles and the body are well-connected and make the setting up process easy. Yes, initially I found it difficult to bend the poles to join them with the feet of the tent.


One of the reasons why Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent is my family’s first choice is because it’s quite durable. Waterproof and fire-retardant polyester fabric can assure the most skeptical. When pitched, multi-diameter fiberglass poles lift the tent. The fiberglass poles are shock-corded and quite strong. Joined polyethylene ensures that the floor stays durable.


Besides the durable poles, a fly rod provided us with an awning. Both the window and door have awnings. These awnings can be adjusted to reduce the condensation. When we were camping at Acadia National Park, we were greeted with heavy downpours. Fortunately, the tent had storm flaps that protected us from water. A single door on the side allows you to enter and exit the tent easily. A single window can help you reduce condensation.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Withstands heavy downpours
  • Attractive and functional design
  • A removal divider to split the tent into two
  • Constructed with waterproof and fire retardant polyester
  • Absolutely spacious and offers ample headroom to roam easily


  • Doesn’t have enough windows
  • Should have had another door for easier entrance


Q: What’s the tent’s floor area?

A: 14 x 9 feet.

Q: How much does the tent weigh?

A: The Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent weighs in at about 19.35 lbs.

Q: Who manufactured the product?

A: Wenzel.

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Final Verdict

If you’re planning on a group camping and looking for a quality tent, then you must consider this tent. It is highly admired by many reviewers on Amazon for its durability and weather resistance capability.

If you want to learn more about the Wenzel Blue Ridge 7-Person Tent, visit Amazon for more reviews!

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