The Best Backcountry Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh When Camping

So, you want to emulate the lifestyle our ancestors led that involved chasing down wild animals, catching fish with a spear or sleeping in a tent made of trees?

Maybe in modern times, you wouldn’t have to go to such lengths. But, even if you’re out there in the backcountry on the trail for multiple days, you’ll have to deal with dirt, mud and more germs. So, you’re bound to get dirty and may fall ill. Camping can get rough on wilderness. You’re pretty much disconnected from locals and may not catch cellular signals either. So, if you get sick, it may take a while to get help.

What to do?

Your personal hygiene is important no matter you’re at home or in the backcountry. Spending time in the backcountry may ruffle up your personal hygiene.

Follow the simple 5 personal hygiene tips listed below and stay and feel fresh while on the trail:

1. Dental Hygiene

You may not consider it as much important. But, keeping up with your normal dental hygiene practices ensures a fresh start in the morning and a sound sleep at night. We become lenient on dental hygiene when backpacking. But, it is important to travel with your toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, and floss. Beware of rinsing or spitting out near your campsites, as the smells may draw in bears and other animals.

2. Carry a Hand Sanitizer

Build a habit of carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer and apply it frequently — after toileting, before cooking or eating. After a strenuous day on the trail, you may become too lazy to clean your hands. But, you shouldn’t let the practice slide. The hand sanitizing practice will limit the prospects of ingesting bacteria and germs.

3. Clean Your Private Parts

if you’re on a multi-day trip, you’ll eventually have to wash your clothes. When washing clothes, take advantage of the situation to clean your private parts. No matter what the situation is, you have to wash your privates. If you’re camping in an alpine environment, melt snow in a pot and clean yourself with warm water. Use biodegradable soap to wash clean. Also, don’t forget to wash your hair.

4. Moisturizing Lotion

Carry a small bottle of body lotion or muscle rub and apply it on your feet and your body after cleaning. I usually carry on when on a long trekking campaign into the backcountry. You are likely to be caught up in rough weather and chaining seasons and it may take a toll on your skin. So, it is important that you carry lotion.

5. Use Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is a highly effective disinfectant. Carry some solution of it in a bottle and some cotton balls. Dip the cotton with the alcohol and rub the cotton at night under the arms, feet and groin area. You will be surprised at how much dirt the cotton amassed. Yes, you are living with all that.

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Bottom Line

Personal hygiene in the backcountry is all about keeping viruses, germs and other harmful organisms at bay. When camping, you’ll be in an environment completely foreign to you and your lifestyle. You need to adopt proper techniques to survive in such environment. You can follow the tips listed above for starters.

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